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Planning an Israel event and think you're the center of attention? Think again!

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Times have changed, and if you still think an event is all about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah boy/girl or about the bride and groom or even the mother, think again:

Premium Events Israel takes your Israel event to the next level;

we put everybody at the center of attention! We get to know each of your guests, their needs and preferences, and provide them with our exclusive concierge service to make sure everything about their stay in Israel is nothing less than VIP.

Still, at Premium Events Israel we want to put the spotlight on you, the host, so we produce a unique, tailor-made event that suits your story perfectly, and we don’t just mean the highlight events -which we plan and design to be unforgettable and unparalleled- but all the destination event's trips and activities, whether in Jerusalem, the heart of the Israeli desert or any of the exclusive locations we offer our clients. The whole week is a meticulous production, and we devote it the same attention to detail as we dedicate our high-end parties, cocktails, and brunches.

So, if you are planning a Premium event in Israel, remember that gone are the days when you would have to contact some tour-guide, email hotels and book restaurants. Your peace of mind is guaranteed with our one-stop-shop service; Premium Events Israel's expert team will be on top of everything to make sure your Israel event is just perfect.

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