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VIP Destinations for Guests and Family in Israel

There's no wrong time of year to visit Israel! From the shoreline to the city and the desert to the woods, Israel offers a diverse range of scenery. Everything from superb wedding locations in Israel to small intimate areas, accomplished to make your D-Day even more beautiful than you have dreamt off!

Numerous Jewish couples find it exciting to marry in Israel. The Jewish state is unbeatable when it comes to destination weddings. Incredibly diverse landscape, ranging from lush greenery to flawless beaches, massive deserts canyons to breathtaking hills with unexplainable views. Marriage in Israel could be everything you have dreamt off.

Hotels as a VIP Experience

So you're looking for a VIP experience in Israel? The luxury hotel industry in Israel, particularly in Tel Aviv, has grown significantly over the past five years. We have gathered a list of the best hotel venues for your upcoming wedding night.

1. The David Kempinski Hotel, Tel-Aviv. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, The David Kempinski sets a new benchmark in luxury hospitality in the city. (visit website)

2. Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem. The grand ballroom at the Waldorf has known many wedding nights and celebrations. It is a gateway of holiness and energies and it sets a very inviting environment for the guests. (visit website)

3. Orient Hotel, Jerusalem. The 'rising star' of Jerusalem's wedding scene. The stunning Orient is a part of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection, offers an unparalleled elegance with the backdrop of the historical city. (visit website)

4. Six Senses Shaharut. Lies at the Negev Desert, it is a quiet desert heaven. An immediate wow-effect is felt at the second you set foot to the hotel. An unforgettable panorama of the sunset will surely set the right mood for your guests. (visit website)

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